web hosting, website hosting, web site hosting, web page hosting, PHP, MySQL, PERL, servlets Java, JSP,Dedicated servers, Tomcat, Python, SpamAssassin,webmail,small business,discount"> Alden Hosting is a provider of business-class Web hosting to small- and medium-sized businesses, providing professional, efficient, and reliable website hosting services. Our feature-rich web page hosting plans and excellent toll-free customer support empower you to efficiently build a Web business that will grow with your changing needs. We provide everything you need to get your business on the Internet. We make it easy and affordable. ">
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Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting
Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting

Alden Hosting provides professional, efficient, and reliable business-class Web hosting services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

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SSL - Secure Socket Layer

Buy your own SSL Certificate for Your Web Hosting Domain

What are "Secure Web Sites" all about?
Web browsers can operate in "normal" mode and in "secure" mode. You can tell which mode your browser is in by looking at the toolbar at the bottom of the browser window. If you see a broken key, or an open padlock, you are in normal mode. If the key is whole, or the padlock is closed, you are in "secure" mode. When you surf the Net in "normal" mode, all of the information you type into your browser and all the information the Web site sends to you are visible to eavesdroppers. When your browser is in "secure" mode it encrypts all the information between itself and the server. Encrypted information looks like meaningless garbage to eavesdroppers, so your personal information is secure.

What is a Digital Certificate?
A digital certificate contains the name of a company, Web site or individual, along with a cryptographic key that can be used to encrypt information that must be sent to that individual. When your browser switches into secure mode, it asks the Web site to present its certificate. The browser decides whether or not it trusts the certificate by looking at who issued it. If the browser trusts the certificate (as it does those issued by Thawte), then it will encrypt all communications with that Web site, using the cryptographic key in the certificate.

What else can certificates be used for?
Certificates can be used to make Web servers run in secure mode. They can also be used to sign and encrypt email messages, and to digitally sign software so that it will be "tamperproof."

What is a Certificate Authority?
Thawte is a certificate authority! The CA, or certificate authority, signs certificates. Thawte is a global CA, with offices and representatives in more than 20 countries. We issue digital certificates to many of the Web servers doing e-commerce today, and have issued tens of thousands of certificates to people securing their email, too.

Thawte SSL Server Certificates will enable SSL on your web server, thereby giving you the ability to communicate securely with your online customers. SSL protects all communications with your customers, so you can:

  • take credit card orders
  • protect sensitive personal information and
  • ensure that hackers cannot detect your passwords.

    Thawte SSL Server Certificates have been engineered to provide the flexibility to dynamically support 40-bit, 56-bit, or 128-bit encryption, depending on the capability of the web server and web browser being used.

    Note: A Thawte SSL Server Certificate is capable of providing 128-bit-encryption as long as you are running a 128-bit enabled server and your users are running 128-bit enabled browsers. If you want to be sure that the strongest encryption is being used to secure ALL your web traffic [128-bit encryption], then it would be advisable to use a Thawte SuperCert.

    Buy your own SSL Certificate for Your Web Hosting Domain
    Please contact us at to arrange your own SSL certificate for your domain name. We only charge $150 per year. No setup fee!

    Required Documentation for SSL Certificates
    We require that you send us appropriate documentation after you request a web server certificate. Please make sure that you have complied with all our documentation requirements. If in doubt, your real-time status page will tell you which documents we have received and verified, and which are still outstanding.

    There are Two Required Documents:
    1) Proof of Organizational Name (Your certificate request must contain a company name exactly as stated in this document)
    Please make sure that you have the correct company name documentation in your possession before you create your certificate request. Your certificate request will contain your company name, province and country, which must match exactly the documentation you send us. It's easier to get it right if you have the documentation in hand first!

    2) Proof of Right to Use Domain Name The common name in your certificate request must be for this domain.

  • Web Hosting, web hosting, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, website hosting, web site hosting
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